Paulo Raposo

Floating Point

gos003 (CDr) 2003

“Floating Point” is the result of several improvisations that make use of the sound materials that somehow sediment in my hard drive. From heterogeneous sources and meant to different ends, these files – scribbles, fragments, aphorisms, and also massive blocks of sound – multiply and divide one from another without any order or repair. They accumulate like residues, deprived of their original context, and become with their unfathomable names spectral
inhabitants of the household.

I decided to wake these sound residues from their lethargic sleep using a software that I conceived with max/msp pretentiously entitled ‘mnemosyne’. Well, just a very simple application that randomly chooses files, several at
the same time, defines plans and sound figures which are always in process of formation or dissolution.

More than to achieve complex iterations, I wish the software brings to front a sort of elective affinities, turning the residues present, present in the light of their transience, in the assurance of their upcoming dissolution.
Almost humus. Present in the sense that Deleuze speaks: “la géographie et pas l’históire, le milieu et pas le début ni la fin, l’hérbe qui est au milieu et qui pousse par le milieu”.

Residual music. All sounds are in between. They cross from place to place.
And the passage is the variable spot by excellence, a multiple location composed of flows and intensities that succeed each other. As
Carlos C. Sequeira Costa refers in his book Caderno de Demónios: “the passage is to pass by, to crossover, to think the passage. A passage is a variation’s modality (alteration, modification, change), monadologies, combinatories, a passage from stratus to stratus, stratifications,folds, surfaces and simulacrums, membranes, palimpsest’.

clamshell case with a 3″ printed label onto a 5″ cd

Nuno Moita