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Reissue date: June 9, 2017

Composed by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais, 2003 ~ 2006 in Porto.
Remastered in 2017.
Cover art by Júlio Dolbeth.

Thank you to: J. Afonso, P. Almeida, M. Behrens, M. Bernat, J. Cruz, J. Dias, M. Dias, G. Escudero, J. Fonseca, J. Giardullo, A. Gonçalves, P. Grabowski, V. Joaquim, L. Marte, M. Micaela, N. Moita, D. Oliveira, P. Santos, P. Raposo, J.N. rodrigues, U. Schitter, R. Slavin, L. Urbano, P. Vinhas, P. Votava.

The overall attention to every aspect of the composition is remarkable and the sonic richness of every slice of audio transforms every listening into a stunning experience of rediscovery and newness.

João Cruz

A timeless album by @c, Study is now reissued in a remastered version, available worldwide on all major digital platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play…
Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.