Nine Songs

gos008 2002 (CDr)

Tu’m is a trio from Citti Sant’Angelo (Pescara, ITALY).
It’s made up by Andrea Gabriele, Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli. tu m’ is born in 1998 as plunderphonics, tape music and field recordings project. Jazz, rock, improvisation, electronic… are the elements of their background. tu m’ are self-taught persons and plays: double bass, guitar, sax baritone,but of late the instruments used are: laptop, sampler, tapes, turntables, cd-player, objects…
tu m’ work for visual arts too with the artists Bianco & Valente and Cane Capovolto. tu m’ are curators of the web label tu M’p3 (www.tu-m.com) and their name come from an opera of M.Duchamp. About the disc “nine songs” for Grain of Sound, tu m’ call it a record of “cracked songs”. Between rhythm-cal improvisations and digital melodies.

clear jewel case with printed paper on tray only

João Vicente