Terre Thaemlitz

Trans-Sister Radio

gos018 2005 (CD)

CD co-issued by Grain of Sound and Base Recordings, Portugal, September 2005
A Radio Drama by Terre Thaemlitz
“Trans-Sister Radio” is an electroacoustic radio drama about transgenderism and migration originally developed for Hessischer Rundfunk by Terre Thaemlitz.

“When travelling, dressing for the occasion means downplaying our gender bending by dressing to match our documented genders. Many fully transitioned transsexuals whose countries prohibit legally changing their genders resort to wearing asexual sweat pants and other anti-fashion statements as a kind of devolutionary drag, all in hopes of passing as the man or woman they once were. Or, in some cases, they resort to using false passports showing genders that match their appearances. It all gives new meaning to the term ‘pass control.'” – Terre, Transgendered MTF(TMTF…), on international travel.