Soft landing

gos001 2002 (CDr)

This is the full length recording debut from stapletape. Prior to soft landing there was one track released in the Variz label compilation, Portuguese Electr(o)domestic tracks 1.0, which came out last November 2001. Free floating in the software-error-dsp ambient field, soft landing merges sound and visuals. So to speak: a kind of visual soundscapes for the mind extracted from the audio -only tracks. In a literal sense, you can also find a data track with video. Formed by Nuno Moita (laptop electronics) and Joao Vicente (photography and video), the project, based in Lisbon, started back in the first days of year 2000 and since then have been performing live, mostly in an open based structure, free to collaborate with other musicians. This first cd for grain of sound shows it, not from a compilation perspective but from a conceptual process of creation: 9 tracks ( 8 audio + 1 data w/quicktime movie) where 4 mindscapes were made in a collaborative mode, featuring, Ok suitcase, Paulo Raposo, Carlos Santos, Manuel Mota e Margarida Garcia. The liner notes are from the canadiancomposer and improviser Michal Seta

clear jewel case with printed paper on tray only

João Vicente