Slow Sound System

Show Case: First Steps

gos010 (Cdr) 2003

This is the first in the “show case” series. The concept is to make a mixed sampler from previous grain of sound releases. Show case: first steps was assembled by iMax from the slow sound system. the sound sources were taken from records by stapletape, ok suitcase, plan, t um’ and formatt. the mix was done live, with no overdubs, on 3 portable cd players.
The slow sound system is a London-based collective of djs, producers and artists exploring digitals, scapes, ethnographic forgery and pixel manipulation. they provide a space to explore ambience, soundscaping and foreground/background listening, and to showcase the best new musics in these fields. established in 2000, they run an irregular slow club in London, host online video and audio streams, and broadcast regularly on art radio station Resonance FM.

clear jewel case without tray. printed 3” label on a 5” cdr

Yoshi Yamamoto