gos004 (7″ vinyl) 2002

2 turntables, some records, tapes, radiowaves and a distortion pedal combined in a noisy mixture. This is the Plan approach in the 7″ vinyl “randomizer”. A soundbullet through your brain, a very different record from the full length plunderphonic cd “mirror every step” to be released next May, “randomizer” shows 4 extreme djing sessions, recorded directly to dat. Originally recorded in 1996 and released in `97 by Scion Records in a limited edition of 100 copies, Grain of Sound proudly re-distributes it in 2002. Yoshi Yamamoto (the japanese alter-ego to a portuguese born photographer) designed a completely new cover. Plan is Luis Temudo, a turntablist and graphic designer, who lives and works in Lisbon.

cover printed on fabriano paper

Yoshi Yamamoto