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the release of the wandering-eyed girl

gos009 (Cdr) 2013

This release, the group’s first full-length “official” release, is a compilation of various “round table sonic conversations”. The focus is on spontaneus free improvisations and explorations of the known and the unknown.
This exercise, although not uncommon among many musicians, is a wonderful vehicle in exploring the mutual understanding and communication of the musical ideas. Using acoustic instruments (viola da gamba, classical guitar), electric instruments (electric guitar, analog processing) and digital technology (electronic keyboard, computer) NOR put their knowledge and experience (both individual and collective) to shape their musical thoughts into “freestyle musical structures”.
NOR was formed one winter day in 2001 by Lorne Shapiro and Michal Seta. Hiroya Miura has joined a few weeks later and has been a “moveable” member (always a member, not always present). The three have known each other for several years and intend to continue their own musical discourse.

clear jewel case with printed paper on tray only

Michal Seta