Koji Asano_João Pinto


gos006 2002 (CDr)

Deconstruct_Rebuild is the product of a sound work collaboration between the Barcelona based Japanese composer/musician Koji Asano and the Portuguese musician/intermedia performer Joao Castro Pinto. This record explores the idea of deconstructing and rebuilding the sound compositions/processes of each artist in distinct sound approaches/perspectives, revealing contradictory concrete, electroacoustic and minimal soundscapes. The first track was constructed and deconstructed several times (using mail sending & resending), it was composed from 10.2000 to 01.2001. The rest of the tracks were recorded live in Barcelona (Koji’s Studio) in an improvisation mood duet, using as source material most of the sounds that were utilized/processed on the first track. No central principle/idea other than the Deconstruct_Rebuild concept was determinant for the elaboration and result of this CDR.
Koji Asano works with electronic/electroacustic music and runs SOLSTICE-records label.
J. Castro Pinto has been performing electronic music and presenting intermedia performances. Limited Edition (200 copies)
clear jewel case with printed paper on tray only

João Vicente