The Power Of Del Te

gos001 (Cdr) 2004

After a classical trumpet education as a child, Jochen Gutsch decided to play noise guitar instead and formed his first group Feedback Recycling in 1988. Taking extreme grind-core as a starting point, his interest quite soon evolved into the weird time signatures of math rock, later he took melodies and harmonies on board and developed an interest in getting more and more experimental. About 250 performances and various releases later, it became apparent that his ideas could not be realised in a common band format anymore. So in 2002, he founded the much more flexible project Hinterlandt, which allowed him to compose semi-electronic music in “solo” mode and to play live performances in various formats. The focus of this composition lies on the space in between events as much as on the events themselves. All elements are taken from otherwise marginalised sources such as accidental noises and are treated completely equal: even the smallest bits are to be taken in as a contribution to the music, including complete silence. The piece was produced at the same time as “Poprekordt” and can be seen as a counterpart to this release. It is meant to be listened to only once, in full concentration (preferably in darkness and without company). Written, performed and produced by Jochen Gutsch in Sydney, Australia. The release contains a data partition with an 6-page booklet in .pdf format.

clamshell case with 2 thermal printed clear stickers

sleeve & .pdf booklet:
nuno moita

booklet .pdf