David Maranha

Marches of The New World

gos029 2017 (Digital Download)

1. Redemption Torture
2. Democracy
3. Oil Crows
4. Virgins Visions
5. Infinite March

David Maranha: Hammond Organ, Violin, Dobro.
Helena Espvall: Cello.
João Milagre: Bass.
António Forte: Drums.
Tiago Miranda: Percussion.

Release date: February 17, 2017

A Digital Download reissue of a true masterpiece, originally released 10 years ago in CD format by Grain of Sound.

Marches of The New World is now available on:
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Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

A few CD’s from the original 2007 release are available on our webshop:

(…) the appealing quality of Marches Of The New World opens up when it is perceived in its historical context: the drone music featured on this recording, unlike much of what is presently made readily available, extends from both instruments and electronics, which afford it a freshness and sharp sense of rhythmic drive.

In the tradition of artists such as La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, and even the Velvet Underground, the dexterously delivered textures, reverberating, tangential electronics, and, at times, ferocious velocity of the rhythmic elements demonstrate turbulent yet poised emotions that play a syntactical function in the music”

Chris Kline

in Hair Entertainment (July 12, 2007)