Quiet American

Rockets Of The Mekong

gos012 (Cdr) 2003

Notes on “Rockets of the Mekong” by Aaron Ximm (aka quiet american):
For the last five years, I have been working with field recordings as a sole source material for making sound art. I use no other instruments.
I am interested in presenting both raw recordings, which reveal a particular time and place, and in using raw recordings to make compositions.
‘Rockets of the Mekong’ is a lyrical study of my travels in Laos. It is composed entirely with sound I recorded there on my honeymoon in 2000. It seeks to flow from raw or almost-raw recordings into procedural study. Recently I have become interested in the application of specific repetitive processes as a compositional technique. The results of these techniques, while still recognizable as coming from the same mind as my earlier, more conventional compositions, are quite different in their execution and goals.

clamshell case with a 3″ printed label onto a 5″ cd

Yoshi Yamamoto