After a seven year hiatus, Grain of Sound is back, up and running. Still, promoting and releasing cutting-edge experimental music and sound art. The future is now again on the corner but the past is not forgotten. A gigantic respect and profound admiration goes to all the musicians and sound artists who helped built out the Grain of Sound label with their releases (in cd, cd-r or digital download), since its inception in February of 2002.

From here to eternity, thank you: Steinbrüchel, M. Rösner, Lawrence English, Jonas Olesen, (etre), Feltro, Carlos Santos, Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues, João Silva, José Oliveira, Nuno Morão, Stapletape, Ok.Suitcase, Plan, Formatt, Koji Asano, João Castro Pinto, Tu M’, No One Receiving, Slow Sound System, Sawako, Quiet American, Etch, PL, Draftank, Manuel Mota, Urkuma, Last Time This Happened We Had A Street Party, Fabriquedecouleurs, Pyo, Soundtrap, Emanuela De Angelis, Asamo, Percevalmusic, Pirandèlo, Pelforte, Audiopixel, Cat or Die, Davide Balula, The Patriotic Sunday, The Producers, Rafael Toral, Richard Chartier, Ent, Ian Epps, John Kannenberg, @c, Kim Cascone, Blake Stickland, Pita, Allto, Terre Thaemlitz, David Maranha, One-Off, Sei Miguel, Red Trio, Whit, Curia, Carlos Pereira, Vitor Joaquim, Hinterlandt and Paulo Raposo.

The GOS team: André Gonçalves, João Vicente, Nuno Moita, Ricardo Guerreiro and Rodrigo Dias

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