Matteo Uggeri & Luca Bergero

Words Delicate Flight
mfu/c015 & gos35 2018 (cd-r)

Release date: january 2018

Luca Bergero: drones, noises and glitches.
Matteo Uggeri: treatments, field recordings, objects and mixing.

Cello on 1 and 4 by Andrea Serrapiglio;
sax on 2 by Luca Serrapiglio;
acoustic guitar on 5 by My Dear Killer;
glockenspiel on 5 by ONQ.

Assembled, mixed and finalized in the short time range between November 2012 and the following January.

Mastered in 2013 by Ian Hawgood.
Pictures by Adriano Zanni.
Artwork by Kanaka.

This record is meant to be listened by headphones.

Produced by Manyfeetunder/Concrete & Grain of Sound