André Gonçalves modular synth, 4-track, rhodes.
Nuno Moita electronics, field recordings.
Featuring Pedro Sousa on Saxophone

Release Date: January 15, 2017

Originally released last year on Gigantiq’s own bandcamp, Grain of Sound is now releasing it as a digital download album with a wider digital distribution included, making it also available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify…and other digital platforms.

It’s the first collaboration ever between Gigantiq, the duo from sound and visual artists, Nuno Moita and André Gonçalves, and the young saxophonist Pedro Sousa. Recorded live in the studio in January 2015, experimental electronics merge and fuse with the talented soprano of Sousa. Structure, chaos and improvisation abound in between the world of “Rooms Over Views”.

Back in 2008 Gigantiq was playing a festival in an Arts University in Lisbon. At the end, a sculptor student came to meet and thank Gigantiq for the performance that night. Pedro Sousa, the then sculptor student but also an emerging musician, became friends with the duo since then. “Rooms Over Views” is a natural collaboration that just had to happen someday. Full circle.